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Volunteer Opportunities at the ECTA

Can your time and skills support the trail one or more ways? 

Each year, the East Coast Trail depends on the dedication of many passionate volunteers, who:

  • Participate in trail maintenance outings
  • Lead ECTA public guided hikes
  • Serve as trail custodians, monitoring and reporting on path conditions
  • Coordinate and support the East Coast Trail Annual Trail Raiser
  • Support fundraising and business development activities
  • Serve on the ECTA Board of Directors
  • Support marketing, communications and outreach activities
  • Support member needs and coordinate meetings and events
  • Help match fellow volunteers to opportunities
  • Consult and advise on trail standards & safety
  • Consult and advise on trail land and legal needs
  • Offer office and administrative support
  • Contribute specialized expertise to innovative projects and initiatives

Current Vacant Positions

Board of Directors:

Contact us with your resume for more information. 

Marketing & Communications Committee:

Marketing & Communications Committee Members

Guided Hiking Program:

Guided Hike Leaders and Co-Leaders

Maintenance Outing Volunteers:

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If you would like to apply to volunteer with the ECTA in general or for a position that is not listed above, please complete our VOLUNTEER FORM to help us connect you with opportunities. Thank you in advance for your support!