Cape Spear Lighthouse

Jason Hill

East Coast Trail Association Board of Directors

Chair, Robert Hickey

President, Randy Murphy

VP Trail Management, Pat Ryan

VP Finance & Administration, Sharlene Goobie

VP Fundraising & Revenue, Shane Skinner

VP Legal, Sarah Byrne

VP Stakeholder Relations, Harold Mullowney

VP Trail Protection, Doug Ballam

Governance & Oversight Chair, Angelina Mosseau-Hayes

G&O Director, Virginia Hobbs

G&O Director, Mike Manuel

G&O Director, Renee Quilty

Vacant Positions

VP Marketing & Communications, Vacant

VP Volunteers & Membership, Vacant

VP Community Relations, Vacant

The East Coast Trail Association is volunteer-based. Its Board of Directors governs six core committee areas, led by members of the Executive, who report to the President and Board. More than 150 volunteers support the Association, within, or guided by the core committee areas. The Board and core committees also support and oversee Association staff.

Finance & Administration Committee

Responsible for establishing and managing financial, administrative and human resource objectives, practices and policies to ensure a sound financial and administrative structure. This committee area oversees and supports the Business Manager.

Fundraising & Revenue Committee

Responsible for the planning, management and execution of all activities related to revenue development, fundraising events, project and program funding, product development and sales.

Subcommittees of this core area plan and execute the Association’s annual community hike fundraiser, and steer the Fundraising & Revenue Strategy project.

Land & Legal Committee

Responsible for securing and maintaining the rights-of-way and trail corridor required to protect and preserve the trail, as well as managing all legal and insurance matters required to protect the interests of the Association.

Marketing & Communications Committee

Responsible for building awareness and promoting the trail and the work of the Association through marketing, communications, public relations and publications, leveraging online and social media.

Membership & Volunteers Committee

Responsible for the planning, management and execution of all activities related to membership management, volunteer management, recognition, awards, and member & volunteer events. This committee area also oversees and supports the volunteers who implement the ECTA’s Guided Hiking Program.

Trail Management Committee

Responsible for the planning, management and execution of trail maintenance, trail enhancement, trail development, trail standards, quality assurance, and the trail custodian program. This committee oversees Trail Management staff and the seasonally-employed trail crew.

Subcommittees supporting Trail Management are focused on the Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program, Custodian Program, Trail Standards, as well as the Association’s Highway Hiking and Parking, Mapping and Information Services and Trailhead and Community Signage projects.

How to Volunteer

Do you have time and skills to volunteer to a core committee or sub-committee? Contact our volunteer co-ordinator at to learn about specific opportunities available, or fill out our Volunteer Form.

By-laws and Constitution

View the East Coast Trail Association’s governing by-laws and constitution.

East Coast Trail Association By-laws

Effective as of October 8, 2015

East Coast Trail Association Constitution

Effective as of September 28, 2016

Photo Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Governing Use by the East Coast Trail Association (ECTA) of Photos, Videos, Posts, etc. Created by Third Parties

Here are the Terms and Conditions governing all use by the East Coast Trail Association, of property (such as, but not limited to: photos, videos, albums, and posts) created or owned by third parties.

Use of the authorized material may not begin before the ECTA receives consent from the creator or owner to use the authorized material. The requisite consent may reside in the manner of tagging #ectgoahead, or responding to the request of repost with #ectgoahead.

Reference to “use” means and includes, (without requiring any additional consent or approval from any person or entity, and without incurring any liability to any person or entity) the ECTA may exhibit, distribute, advertise, exploit, transmit, reproduce, and/or publish the authorized material by any means, media, or method now known or hereafter devised. This includes, without limitation, print, broadcast, the internet, and social media. Upon granting “use” permission, the creator/owner also permits the ECTA to edit, excerpt and/or modify the authorized material.

The creator/owner acknowledges that in return for allowing the ECTA to use the authorized material, the Association will identify you (as grantor and the originator) by name, username, and/or ‘handle’ in all possible efforts.

Furtherly agreed, the rights hereby granted to the East Coast Trail Association are exclusive to only the ECTA but are unlimited as to time or geography. Reference to the “East Coast Trail Association” (and/or ECT/ECTA) means and includes the Association, and its associated and affiliated committees, events, and promotion and advertising agencies.

The grantor’s consent to the ECTA for the use of the authorized material includes the grantor’s representation and understanding that:

(i) He/she is either, above the age of 15 years old (or) is the parent or legal guardian of, and authorized to act and commit on behalf of the under-age originator of the authorized material,

(ii) The warranty that no authorization other than the authorization from the grantor is necessary to enable the ECTA to secure and, in whole or part, exercise the rights detailed and granted herein,

(iii) The grantor’s agreement and acknowledgement that no compensation will be paid, given to, or expected by the grantor or any other person or entity in consideration for this grant of rights.