Grey Toque

Grey toque found on ECT near Topsail Beach on February 6th.  We carried it out and left it on the trail sign.

Pink touque

Light pink toque with grey pompom found on Goat’s Cove trail yesterday. Placed on the trailhead sign.

Maui Jim sunglasses

Lost yesterday on Sugarloaf trail. Blue/black Maui Jim sunglasses Email: Phone: 709-685-4783

58mm Insignia lens cap

Found 58mm insignia lens cap on the Stiles Cove trail, Satellite Road end June 3. Phone: 7097402487

Pocket Rocket Stove in Orange Case

Possibly left it near the rock face where we boiled the kettle to get out of the rain on May 23, 2021.  LaManche.  At the bottom of the steps (newly replaced as in picture). Returned yesterday to find trail maintenance resulted in a pile of freshly-cut boughs in the...

Subaru key

Found Bay Bulls East  Coast Trail July 26/21 subaru key fob call Jocelyn @ 764-4801   Email: Phone: 7097644801