Path Advisory: La Manche Village Suspension Bridge Trail Work Spring 2023

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Gord Follett

Dec 5, 2022

Path Advisory: La Manche Village Suspension Bridge Trail Work Spring 2023

Posted on Monday December 05, 2022

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Map 17 Closure Area

Map 17 Closure Area

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Hiker Advisory: La Manche Village Suspension Bridge Trail Work Spring 2023

Dear Hikers:

We wish to inform you of trail work affecting La Manche Village Path from early May to mid-June 2023. The La Manche Village Path will be closed at the North side of the suspension bridge to facilitate the replacement of the stairs ascending from the La Manche Suspension Bridge.

Work is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 1, 2023, and is anticipated to take 3-4 weeks to complete. However, this time frame assumes the trail is free of ice and snow by early May and is also dependent on weather conditions during the period. If either of these factors is not favourable, the timetable to complete the work may be extended to mid-June. While we hope the work will be completed before the end of May, we encourage all hikers planning trips from May to mid-June to take this closure into account. We will update you on the progress as we get closer to the start of the work and as the work is carried out.

From the North side of La Manche Bridge to The Quarry (6.1 km mark). Hikers can walk onto the bridge but will not be able to cross fully.

Hikers will still be able to use the Access Path at the end of La Manche Village Road to access Flamber Head Path and the Suspension Bridge; however, you will not be able to go any further than the end of the Bridge. Hikers travelling from Tors Cove can go as far as the Quarry (6.1 km mark), then must turn around. This means that thru-hikers will need to detour around La Manche Village; unfortunately, there is no path detour available which means thru-hikers will need to complete a road walk to pick up the next portion of the East Coast Trail.

The stairs on the north side of the bridge were constructed in 2000 in conjunction with the bridge’s opening. Over time these stairs have deteriorated and now must be replaced. Originally we planned to replace these stairs in 2022, but after hearing feedback regarding the short notice, the schedule was changed. The work must be completed in 2023, so we wish to provide you with adequate notice so you can make any changes to your hiking plans.

We recognize that this closure will greatly affect your hike planning. We have explored various avenues for alternative routes, and unfortunately, we have determined the most direct route is to walk Highway 10 to pick up the next path. Below are the routes and detour lengths for Southbound (SOBO) and Northbound (NOBO) hikers. There will be detour signs installed during the closure to assist with navigation. The detour will be approximately 14 kilometres.

SOBO (Thru-hike starting at Topsail Beach): Upon finishing Tinkers Point Path, you have two options. Option A is to hike a short section of La Manche Village Path from Tors Cove as far as Burnt Cove, then exit the path and walk to Highway 10, then walk south on Route 10 to La Manche Village Road. At the end of La Manche Village Road, you will take the access path (1.4 km) to the Suspension Bridge and the start of Flamber Head Path. The Option A detour is approximately 14 km. Option B is to hike the La Manche Village Path as far as The Quarry (6.1 km), then turn around and return to Burnt Cove and continue to Highway 10 as you would for Option A. You would only use Option B if you wanted to experience as much of the La Manche Village Path as possible. This option adds approximately 12 km to your hike (as you would hike La Manche Village Path both ways), plus you still have the 14 km detour outlined in Option A. The total distance for the Option B detour is 26 km.

NOBO (Thru-hike starting in Cappahayden): Upon finishing Flamber Head Path, you will take the access path (1.4 km) to the end of La Manche Village Road, then walk to the end of this road where it meets Highway 10, then turn right following Highway 10 to the turn-off for Burnt Cove/St. Michaels/ Bauline East. Continue on this road (Burnt Cove Rd.), until you reach the turnoff to Powerhouse Road (left side of the road) and follow the last portion of La Manche Village Path to Tors Cove, where you will pick up the Tinkers Point Path heading north. This detour is 14 km.


For more information, contact the ECT Office at 709-738-4453 or

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