The Tuckamore Award

The Tuckamore Award is awarded to a supporter, person, group, organization or municipality who has made a difference and helped the association persevere. It was created to honour and remember hiker, volunteer and former board member Wayne Spracklin and highlight his many contributions to the trail, the Association, and to the people of this province. The award was established in 2012 to note major assistance to coastal preservation, development of the trail and protection of the assets entrusted to ECTA.

Past Recipients

2022 – East Coast Trail Stakeholder Advisory Committee (see full list here)

2020 – City of St. John’s

2019 – Town of LBMCOC 

2018 – Crosbie Group & Nature Conservancy of Canada

2017 – Geralyn Christmas

2016 – Town of Torbay

2015 – Adrian Tanner

2014 – Torbay Environment & Trails Committee

2013 – Town of Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove

2012 – Jean Briggs

2012 – Wayne Spracklin (posthumously)

2012 – Allan Stein

Award Background

Wayne Spracklin was an ardent supporter, an outstanding volunteer, a respectful and thoughtful leader, a highly regarded mentor, a deeply respected and dear friend of the East Coast Trail Association, and always, always a gentleman. Wayne believed in the vision of the East Coast Trail, he understood the opportunity it presented, as well as the long-term value it offered to the trail communities, this region and the province.  He also recognized that the perceived long-term value of the trail could only be realized if the Association were successful in preserving and protecting the trail and its environment from unnecessary development. Wayne’s work left an indelible mark on the Association, as well as the province.