Path Advisories

Cape Spear Path

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

Listed below are current path advisories. If you have any questions, please call our office at 709-738-4453 or email

Notice Re: Trail Structures & Trail Bed

Trail structures & the trail bed along Stiles Cove, Mickeleens, Beaches, Bear Cove Point and Island Meadow Paths require repair.  Hikers will encounter greater than normal areas of wet and muddy trail and deteriorated trail structures. An assessment of these paths is ongoing, and work will be scheduled based on funding availability.  Please use extra caution when hiking these paths.

Piccos Ridge Path: Portugal Cove to Bauline – Maps 2.1 & 2.2

This is one of our most strenuous paths. Some hikers will be challenged by steep areas at Black Cliff and Brock’s Head. Hikers should exercise caution on these slopes.

White Horse Path: Bauline to Cape St. Francis – Maps 3.1 & 3.2

This is one of our most strenuous paths. Be prepared for a long hike. A remote campground, including 5 tent platforms and 1 toilet, is available at Patch Brook.

Father Troy’s Trail: Flatrock to Torbay – May 6

Hikers who wish to access Father Troy’s Trail in the Town of Flatrock must use the Wade’s Lane entry point. The access point through Wharf Raod is temporarily closed by the Town as a result of a mid-December storm that damaged the wharf and boat launch faciliity, and left large stones over the road and across the old shoreline route that hikers were using to access Father Troy’s Trail.

The Town Council has placed barriers across Wharf Road and asks for your cooperation as a safety precaution. The Wade’s Lane access is only 10-15 metres further along the main road and you can drive your vehicle to the end of Wade’s Lane, where a large parking area is available for hikers.

Silver Mine Head Path: Torbay to Outer Cove – Map 7

The path length has been extended to include the walk along the roadway from Middle Cove to Lance Cove and then along the coast to Stacks Point and on to the new trailhead just off Marine Drive at Ship Cove. Also, a new bridge crossing North Pond Brook has been constructed and is now open to hikers. 

Cobblers Path: Outer Cove to Logy Bay – Map 8

Hikers are requested by ECTA and the Town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove to use the designated parking lot on Cobblers Crescent and arrange for someone to provide a drop-off or pick-up service when entering or exiting the path at Doran’s Lane. Parking is permitted on one side of Doran’s Lane from May 1 to October 31. To reach the parking lot on Cobblers Crescent, turn off Marine Drive onto Red Cliff Road, then turn onto Cobblers Crescent.

Sugarloaf Path: Logy Bay to Quidi Vidi Village – Map 9

Hikers are reminded that parking for the Sugarloaf Path’s Logy Bay trailhead is found at the East Coast Trail’s parking lot on the left-hand side of Marine Lab Road. Under no circumstances should hikers use the Marine Lab facility parking lot to the right. This parking lot is for Marine Lab employees only and is in use 7 days a week.

La Manche Village Path: Tors Cove to La Manche Village – Map 17

La Manche Suspension Bridge will be temporarily closed from May 1, 2023 to mid-June 2023 to facilitate the replacement of the stairs on the north side of the bridge. This closure will result in a path detour. Read more about this closure here.

Sounding Hills Path: Ferryland to Aquaforte – Map 22

This path has been closed at the trailhead in Ferryland due to a conflict with the landowner in that area. However, it is still possible to hike from the Aquaforte trailhead as far as Herring Cove and return to Aquaforte rather than proceed to Ferryland.