Motion Head Award

The Motion Head Award recognizes and honours the #1 individual fundraiser and the #1 team fundraiser of the Annual Trail Raiser fundraising event for their contributions to the East Coast Trail. The award was established in 2019 to honour and remember hiker and volunteer Gail Sharpe, and highlight her many contributions to the trail, the Association, and the people of this province.

Past Recipients

#1 Individual Fundraiser

2021 – Donovan Byrd

2020 – Evan Simpson

2019 – Evan Simpson

2018 – Robbie Hicks

#1 Team Fundraiser

2021 – MUN in Motion (Evan Simpson [Team Leader], Robert Sexty, Shelly Birnie- Lefcovitch, Dick (Richard) Ellis, Margot Brown, Catharyn Andersen, Lisa Browne, James Millan and Steven Wolinetz)

2020 – MUN in Motion


2018 – MUN IN MOTION 1

Award Background

Gail Sharpe demonstrated love for the trail in many ways. She catalogued and installed signage, slashed undergrowth and accompanied custodians for many years on many weekends. She walked, hiked or ran pretty much every step of the East Coast Trail, always on the lookout for anything that needed a trim. Her favorite expression when hiking was, “never stop ‘til you get to the top”. Gail would have been so pleased to be directly associated with recognizing the role of volunteers on an annual basis. ALS can strike anyone and her family is honored that Gail’s memory lives on in the Trail community.