John Ross Clipper Award

The John Ross Clipper Award recognizes a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution through trail maintenance over the past year. Dr. John Ross was a long-time member, avid hiker and supporter of the East Coast Trail, who rarely set foot on a hike without his loppers. In his honour and memory we award the Dr. John Ross Clipper Award, given annually to a maintenance volunteer who has shown both great commitment to the activities needed to maintain the East Coast Trail and the leadership demonstrated by John. The award was made possible through the kindness of the Ross family.

Past Recipients

2021-2022: Sylvia Warkentin

2020-2021: Joan Fitzgerald

2019-2020: Keith Windsor

2018-2019: Hu Liu

2017-2018: Dana Griffiths

2016-2017: Darlene Scott

2015-2016: Dawn Stewart

2011-2012: Jantje Van Houwelingen

2010-2011: Jantje Van Houwelingen

2009-2010: Jantje Van Houwelingen

2008-2009: Greg Bennett

2007-2008: Albert Sutton

2006-2007: Geert Van Biesen

2005-2006: Robbie Hicks

2005-2005: Mark Graesser

2003-2004: Dave Hammond

2002-2003: Gene Herzberg

2001-2002: Ed Delaney

1999-2000: Maggy Piranian